Positive feedback from satisfied customers






"I find the shears very easy to use and sharpen"

Duncan Calder, sheep farmer, North Canterbury, New Zealand




"The Watson Multishears are great. Makes dagging and crutching a breeze and they don't lose their set"

A Bowes, Polwarth sheep Breeder, Hawarden




"It took sometime and effort to learn the Watson Multishears, I had to handle and feel the sheep in a new way, the way one feels and senses the wool and the sheep with the old style shears is just different, the switch is not immediate.

Many of the flockmasters here in the US ask me how much the Watson Multishears cost, they are not surprised when I tell them the price because they can see the quality.

The case they come in really improves the presentation. Some of my clients are inclined to do some of there own shearing, but the failure of the old style shears discourages them. They just don't realize how much time goes into the old shears to raise them to, at best, a mediocre level"

Kerry Mower, Santa Fe New Mexico USA