Use and Care


Operating instructions

  • It's very important that when cutting off hard dags or wool always use the blades closest to the tips.
  • Watson Multishears are only sharpened on one side of each blade, only use oil stone provided on the outside cutting edge and not the inside edge, having completed sharpening the last step is to run the stone flat along the inside face, this is to remove any material left over from sharpening
  • The oil stone provided firstly needs to be soaked in oil, most oils are fine but don’t use oils that are too thick like chainsaw oil. The stone needs to be kept flat so occasionally rub down on stone paper placed on a flat surface.
  • Adjusting the red strapping to suit different size hands, to shorten remove middle grub screw and pull out strap, cut off what’s required but make sure to re-melt the end before screwing back in.
  • The Watson multishears are a precision tool and should be treated accordingly .Particularly if being used in a wet environment, they should be cleaned, dried and oil applied after use.



We can service your Watson Multi Shears

Do your shearing blades need sharpening? Contact us for blade grinding and sharpening and expert spring fitting.

Blade sharpening

To archive optimal sharpening performance use sharpening stone on a 35° by running the stone along the blade Sharpening bevel using only the same area of the stone, but a different part of the stone each time.

Eventually the width of the Sharpening bevel widens were it become increasingly difficult to maintain optimal sharpness, so a Secondary bevel is recommended by lowering the back of the stone, this shortens the width of the Sharpening bevel.

Once both the Sharpening bevel and Secondary bevel become too wide the Grinding bevel will need to be ground down so as to remove the Secondary bevel.

Watson Multishears also offers a grinding and maintaining service - (contact us).

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