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Watson Multi Shears

A revolution in hand operated shears


Designed and developed in New Zealand, Watson Multi Shears are modern hand shears which make crutching/shearing sheep trouble-free.

Watson Multi Shears can be used with changeable blades made from high-quality D2 tool steel. This allows for superior edge retention and reduces the risk of damaging the cutting edge. For your convenience, you can adjust your Watson Multi Shears to mutable spring settings for a range of operating tensions. To complement the superior D2 tool steel blades, our New Zealand designed sheep crutching shears have robust light-weight aluminum handles which are ergonomically designed for improved comfort and safety.


Don't get frustrated with antiquated inefficient sheep shearing clippers any longer – order your Watson Multi Shears today! You can choose from full sets, accessories and spare parts.

Accessories for Watson sheep shearing clippers include a handy portable carry case, Allen keys and oil stone for sharpening your shearing blades.


Product features


  • Modern design with changeable shearing blades
  • Low rust D2 tool steel blades
  • Adjustable spring settings for varying operating tensions
  • Robust, light-weight aluminium handles




Order your Watson Multi Shears today!


$12 courier with track and trace for NZ addresses.

International customers will be informed of postage costs.

Price includes GST for New Zealand customers.

Watson Multi Shears - Original

Watson Multi Shears - Original

Suitable for light general shearing, crutching and dagging of dairy cows, sheep etc.
Watson Multi Shears - Professional

Watson Multi Shears - Professional

Improved, lighter and more streamlined version of the general purpose model.
Aimed at the professional, high use shearing market.